Sterling Silver Six Character Truth Nine-eyed Dzi Bracelet

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Material:  925 SILVER
Size:  18 CM (7.1'')
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As a gift for your loved ones, this limited-stock Sterling Silver Six Character Truth Nine-eyed Dzi Bracelet will be perfect!

Nine-Eye Dzi Bead (hand painted)

♥ Wealth ♥ Health ♥ Power ♥ Protection ♥ Blessings ♥

Dzi beads are precious jewelry from Tibetan culture which is generally prized as protective amulets, these beads are believed to attract local protectors, Dharmapala or deities, or maybe beneficial ghosts, ancestors, or even bodhisattvas. Because of this, Dzi beads are always treated with respect in Tibetan culture. Nine-Eye Dzi Bead is the symbol of The Nine Planets, It includes the activity of the Universe and the wisdom of humanity. Nine-eyed beads are the most popular of all Dzis, bring all kinds of luck and blessings; protection, good health, purify negative energy expand intelligence and wisdom. It helps the investors with the successful development of new ideas in rolling in wealth.


  • Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Main Stone: Turquoise / South Red Agate
  • Style: Vintage
  • Chain Width: 15 mm (0.59'')
  • Length: 18 cm (7.1'') / 20 cm (7.9'') / 22 cm (8.7'')
  • Weight: 78 g / 84 g / 91 g


All of our pieces are handmade, and most of them are constructed from 925 sterling silver. It is the quality of our craftsmanship and the unique designs that help us to stand out from the crowd. We are proud to be different.

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